Therapeutic Side Sleeper Pillow 101

comfort-side-sleeper-pillow-ideasIf you are a side sleeper, then you understand the vital importance of having the best side sleeper pillow. Side sleepers who use regular pillows experience a number of adversities including not sleeping soundly all night, waking up with neck pain, pressure on the ears, back discomfort, and other health issues that are a result of inadequate sleep.

Your comfort and best health is reliant on the type of side sleeper pillow you use. It is important for you to understand everything about the plethora of pillows for side sleepers that are manufactured and sold on the market today so that you can choose the best pillow for side sleepers that is a perfect fit for your needs.

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Best Pillows For Side Sleepers

Beyond Down Gel SleeperThere are so many pillows for side sleepers that are manufactured these days. Each and every one is unique from one another and all of them offer various special features that can help a side sleeper get the comfortable sleeping experience they deserve.

They vary in shape, material that they are made out of, size and design. Some pillows for side sleepers have special effects such as a cooling element that helps an individual not to get overheated and others have curves and dips in them that help align the spine, neck and head.

With so many choices of pillows for side sleepers it is difficult to determine which specific one may or may not work for your individual circumstances.

So to help you out Pillow Expert has comprised all of the side sleeper pillow reviews, information, and advice you need to select and buy a side sleeper pillow that you will really like. Because your quality sleep relies on your essential choice in the best side sleeper pillow.

The Different Types of Pillows for Side Sleepers

Side sleepers face difficulties with their comfort while they sleep on different levels from sleep interruptions to waking up with numb arms, sore ears, and a stiff neck.

In order to address all of these issues in entirety pillow manufacturers have taken concepts, technology, & science and combined them to develop some of the best pillows for side sleepers ever designed.

Here are just a few of the main types of side sleeper pillows available on the market right now:

Memory Foam Pillows

memory foam pillowsOne of the most popular types of pillows that side sleepers like is memory foam pillows. Memory foam pillows are made out of a special foam that does not flatten or lose its shape easily and is not light and fluffy. It is more dense -yet it still cradles the shape of the head, spine and neck. The memory foam pillow also possesses an ideal firmness that aligns, supports, and contours that side sleepers require for their best comfortable sleeping experience.

Memory foam pillows are also very durable and typically most brands will last for up to two years without needing to be replaced. Some may even have warranties that last for up to 10-15 years!

Some Memory Foam Pillows We Recommend:

Biosense  2 in 1 Memory Foam, Tempur-pedic Memory Foam, and Iso Cool Memory Foam.

Feather Filled Pillows (Down Pillows)

Circle-of-Down-pillowsFeathered filled pillows or down pillows are often a viable choice for side sleepers. These pillows are plush, supportive, and not too firm. They hold their shape very well and do not flatten easily when they are well made. Down pillows work effectively because they are airy and encourage circulation in the face, neck, and head while at rest. Additionally, these types of pillows for side sleepers also provide ample support and eliminate pressure points without compromising comfort.

These pillows do not always last as long as some of the other types of pillows, but they are not very expensive and can accommodate a person with a limited budget.

Here are some Feather (Down Pillows) We Recommend:

Beyond Down Pillow by SleepBetter

Bamboo Pillows

bamboo pillowSome of the best pillows for side sleepers are made out of a combination of shredded bamboo and shredded memory foam. It may sound odd but actually bamboo is very soft and is very eco-friendly as well. Bamboo pillows have an array of benefits for the side sleeper, but namely they regulate temperature and do not permeate or resonate heat. This makes them great for sleepers who experience discomfort from their heads and pillows radiating heat.

These pillow types are affordable and durable. However sometimes they can lose their shape and flatten over time with use. In addition, bamboo pillows also boast the feature of being hypoallergenic.

One of the Best Pillows for Side Sleepers with Bamboo is:

SnugglePedic’s Bamboo Pillow for Side Sleepers

Down Alternative Filled Pillows

Down alternative pillows are is one of the more popular types of pillows a side sleeper uses.  Unlike the traditional down-filled and feather-filled pillows, this one is able to provide a greater amount of support for both your head and your neck. It’s a modern type of pillow that does not allow your head to slump down during sleep. Its overall resistance is better, and this is the reason why it’s a great option for side sleepers.

Down alternative pillows can be comprised of any type material from microfiber, latex, cotton, polyester, gel and more.

One thing you should bare in mind when opting for a down alternative pillow is that they will most likely be offered at a higher price. Since they are a modern innovation, prices for these pillows are skyrocketing and not everyone can afford to own them.

A Down Alternative Pillow we Suggest:

Serta Gel Pillow for Side Sleepers

Why Pillows For Side Sleepers Are Important

woman-sleeping-in-bed-on-pillowIf you are a side sleeper, and you have been using the wrong kind of pillows, then it might be best to consider your options. A lot of people are experiencing crimps in certain areas of their body upon waking up. And the main reason for this is not merely the sleeping position that you are used to, but rather, the type of pillow that you use also comes into play.

Side sleepers are quite common, and this is why most pillow types are made to suit them. When sleeping, it is necessary to adjust your position so that your weight is evenly distributed and that your body is not suspended in an unnatural bending.

That space between the ear and the outer shoulder is important for side sleepers because that is supposed to be the space that a pillow occupies. You need to keep your spine straight, and this is why a firmer pillow works best.

Without the best pillows for side sleepers at your disposal, you will probably be prone to bouts of pain. Since the neck and the body are not positioned well, it can only be expected that when you wake up, there will be that feeling of heaviness and numbness that will be felt.

This is never a good way to start your day, and this is why it is necessary to invest in the right kind of pillow that will suit your body type and your sleeping style too.

Choosing the Best Side Sleeper Pillow

How does one choose the right pillow to use? Is it all about firmness or comfort? Does price come into play?

These are all valid questions that you should at least address if you want a good rest every day. You cannot just go for the most expensive ones of the fluffiest ones because a pillow has to be comfortable for you.

There are a lot of online stores that claim that their product is the best among those that are being sold over the internet, but you need to ask  a variety of questions in order to be certain that they can hold up to the claims.

You can always ask the owner of the website for product features and specifications; or you can read the reviews posted by previous buyers for you to have an idea how the product worked for them and how effective it is in improving their side sleeping.

Pillow Expert Recommends These Best Pillows For Side Sleepers:

  1. Beyond Down Pillow
  2. Tempur Pedic Pillow
  3. Conforma Memory Foam Pillow