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Side Sleeper Pro: Is it the Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

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images (20)The Side Sleeper Pro is manufactured by Allstar Marketng Group and has been previously marketed as an “As Seen on TV” product. It is a side sleeper pillow that boasts a specific (C) shaped design that enhances a side sleeper’s comfort by aligning the neck and head to reduce stiff neck syndrome, and to also help correct posture. Additionally the Side Sleeper Pro is competitively priced and well recommended by hundreds of consumers who have used it with success.

The Side Sleeper Pro Specs and Features 

The Side Sleeper Pro, side sleeper pillow was designed by a chiropractor, its unique shape is meant to position the back and the neck optimally. It does not squish or cause pressure on your ears and can significantly help you to reduce soreness, stiff neck, and other adverse affects that cause you to not get the sleep you deserve.

  • Side-Sleeper-Pro-Pillow-Review-Image-3Helps correct your sleep posture
  • Correctly positions your head and neck so you will sleep properly and wake up refreshed.
  • Specially designed earwell for added comfort
  • Relieves pressure on the neck
  • Cover material is 100% cotton
  • Filling material is 100% polyester fibers.
  • Removable pillow cover with zipper closure for easy washing.
  • Measures: 16″ x 14″

Side Sleeper Pro: Pros

Side-Sleeper-Pro-Pillow-Review-Image-1There are many pros of the Side Sleeper Pro that consumers seem to really appreciate. The percentage of rave reviews in comparison to more expensive side sleeper pillows is impressive. Here are some of the many pros that customers of the Side Sleeper Pro, side sleeper pillow have reported:

  • Affordable in comparison to many of the Big Name side sleeper pillow brands.
  • Extremely comfortable, natural way for me to position and cradle my head while sleeping on my side.
  • Easy to remove pillowcase (and machine washable.)
  • Well made product, and the pillowcase zipper was sewn on well, with no loose threads getting in the way.
  • Its portable and travels well.
  • Extra benefit: It has a small depression in the ear area that helps to prevent your ear from getting crunched into the pillow.

Side Sleeper Pro: Cons

As with any product on the market, some consumers did not have the experience with the Side Sleeper Pro pillow that they expected. There were really no significant complaints on this pillow, however there were some consumers who noted the following adversities to using the Side Sleeper Pro for side sleepers pillow :

  • No way to delete the (inflatable) travel cushion which is automatically included in your order. Many customers have no need for this extra product, and there’s no way to delete it, so they feel as if they are paying for something that they didn’t need.
  • No way to order an extra pillowcase. Now THAT would be a useful product the company could either include as a free bonus, or make available as an item to order.
  • No written instructions included—only pictures printed on the box, which were self-explanatory. How about a concise, easy to understand instruction sheet, with photos?

Side Sleeper Pro Review: Bottom Line

Side-Sleeper-Pro-Pillow-Review-Image-3The Side Sleeper Pro, pillow for side sleepers may not be the best side sleeper pillow for all. But for the majority of individuals who have used it, it has proved to be an asset to their acquiring a peaceful, and uninterrupted slumber.

Its priced very affordable, and the company does offer incentives, money back guarantees and more that support the product’s quality, performance, and overall ability to deliver upon its claims.

Where to Buy Side Sleeper Pro

The Side Sleeper Pro is available at a variety of local retail stores all over the globe, however in order to get the best deals and steals on this specific side sleeper pillow- it is best to purchase online through an accredited Amazon seller.

We recommend that you buy the Side Sleeper Pro via the links provided below, for the best secure/purchase experience possible.

Buy the Side Sleeper Pro Pillow Now!

Here—> Side Sleeper Pro Official Amazon Link

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  • Marlene says:

    I bought the side sleeper pro. When I opened package the smell was so bad I had to throw away. Smelled like ighter fliud. I would not recommend at all. I was very disappointed.

    • O says:

      Calm down Marlene! Wasn’t that bad. You were apparently so upset you couldn’t properly spell. And also could have opted to send it back

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