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Move over Snuggle Pedic, there is a new rave side sleeper pillow in town- the Side Sleeper Pro Air!

The Side Sleeper Pro Air has been recently introduced on the As Seen On TV infomercial and now everyone is talking about how awesome this pillow is. However, as most highly advertised & marketed products go- this pillow may not be all the rage that the media is hyping it to be.

As we do best, PillowAnswers embarked on a mission and conducted an extensive investigation to determine if this pillow is really worth your time and hard-earned money. And what we discovered will blow your mind!

So read up further to find out IF this side sleeper pillow really is the bomb… or if it’s hype is significantly over-rated.

Side Sleeper Pro Air Review: Introduction

The Side Sleeper Pro Air is a pillow that is patented and advertised by As Seen on TV.

The manufacturer claims that it was developed essentially by a Chiropractic Physician and that the largest benefit that it gives individuals is support of posture, neck, and head. This support helps a person to sleep better and to not fall prey to the kinks and adverse effects of a pillow with poor support.

This pillow has a C/L curve that also promotes comfort for ear rest, orthopedic level, spine-support, and is contoured to accommodate the neck in an ideal position that supplies side sleepers with premium support and comfort.

The air beads that the Side Sleeper Pro are filled with also give enough support while allowing enough soft pliability for adjustment purposes. Additionally, the air beads also enable the pillow itself to stay cool!

Side Sleeper Pro Air Review: Features & Attributes

  • Improves Posture During Sleep – Pillow promotes back & neck support by supplying a soft cushion that gently cradles you.
  • Maintains a Cool & Fresh Temperature – Pillow includes a removable zipper cover that is easy to clean and wash. 
  • Aligns and Supports Neck, Back, and Head Naturally – Pillow aligns spine, neck, and head and also can help reduce the occurence of snoring.
  • Developed and Designed by a Chiropractor – Pillow significantly reduces kinks and neck pain and was designed strategically by a Chiropractor to assure it’s effectiveness and performance.
  • Stuffed With Micro- Airbeads that Cradle Your Head – Pillow is stuffed with special, micro- Airbeads that help improve circulation of cool air flow while sleeping on it.

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Side Sleeper Pro Air Review: Ratings & Reviews

In order to provide you with genuine accounts and customer true experiences we checked out a bunch of reviews on Amazon to see why consumers did or did not like this pillow. Overall, with this side sleeper pillow being fairly new on the market a total of 92 reviews have been acquired. The percentage of 4-5 stars equate to about 80% leaving the other 20% to star ratings below 3 stars or less.

5 Star Ratings:

5 Star Ratings given for this pillow product are not what you would expect them to be given the hype of this pillow. However the pillow shape and design has a lot to do with it because not all individuals really like the L or C shaped therapeutic pillows being manufactured these days. The great ratings provided by buyers of this pillow do note an abundance of positive features that they liked including that it is supportive, comfortable, cool, and definitely works exactly as it claims it does.

I have neck pain on occasion so pillow choice is very important to me. I have done quite a bit of shopping around and consider myself to be somewhat of a pillow expert. I think the Sidesleeper is right up there with some of the best pillows I own. Its part pillow part beanbag but has a way of fitting into places hat need support! I am finding this to be my preferred pillow for naps now! Well made, easy to clean, washable. I give it an A+!– Kathy Kendall

After trying half a dozen pillows for side sleepers I finally found one that works!!!! Worth every penny. I have not awaken with a headache, neck pain, numbness in my shoulders or arms from day one. It was weird getting use to it first night but now can not go back to a regular pillow.– Nicole M.

I love being able to hug this pillow while I sleep on it. The wrap around shape makes me feel like I’m tucked in and cozy. The pillow is just the right blend of firmness but soft and is filled with soft white beads. I sleep comfortably and peacefully all night on this thing and the height is perfect for my neck to be in just the right alignment. It has an area for the ear and does not take up a lot of room on the bed. I love sleeping on this and will recommend it to my friends (and family too) who sleep on their side. -Oksana P.

3-4 Star Ratings:

The medium 3-4 star ratings for this particular pillow are attributed by reviewers that had issues with their pillows leaking beads and that it was not the best for those who toss, turn, and change position frequently at night.

I really liked the pillow but within a month it got a small hole in it and beads were everywhere. Didn’t like that. Dorothy H.

The pillow is very soft, feels good, relaxing, the only thing is that you must sleep on your side for the pillow to work right. I liked the idea, i thought it was comfortable, but if you are a person who turns and tosses all night, your head will not be in the right position for the pillow. – Sherri C.

1-2 Star Ratings

The lowest ratings provided by buyers of the Side Sleeper Pro mentioned that they had issues with the placement of their ear on the pillow and that it caused ear soreness after they had slept on it all night. Additionally, more ratings by customers also noted that they had issues with the durability of the pillow as their pillow sprang holes and spewed out beads. The positive aspect about this negative is that the manufacturer provided the customer with a full refund.

My husband bought this pillow for me and I like the concept, but it did not work as expected. There is a small indentation for your ear, and I found that after subtle movements in my sleep, my ear would come out of the pillow and I would wake up with a sore ear. After laying my ear against those hard beads, my ear was hurting all day. I think the indentation should be larger because it was not big enough for my ear to stay in it all night. I have average size ears but I move a little during sleep. – Faye B.

Had it less than a month and awoke to micro beads in my bed, my hair, clinging tightly to me. It ripped in two places. Returned for my money back.– Kassidi G.

Side Sleeper Pro Air Review: Pros & Cons

After comparing all of the comments provided by purchasers of the Side Sleeper Pro we comprised a list of aspects & attributes that buyers liked and disliked about this side sleeper pillow.

Here are the list of pros and cons of the Side Sleeper Pro Air:

Pros of the Side Sleeper Pro:

  • Really stays very cool- does not get hot like some pillows
  • Great when positioned perfectly for side sleepers
  • Very reasonably priced and affordable
  • Extremely comfortable and soft
  • Easy to remove cover and wash
  • Consists of the ideal softness/firmness ratio

Cons of the Side Sleeper Pro:

  • Learning curve and adjustment period required to get used to it
  • Product gets damaged and leaks beads with little use
  • Does not work ideally for some individuals in terms of ear support/comfort

Side Sleeper Pro Air Review: Bottom Line

The percentage of 5 star ratings for the Side Sleeper Pro Air are rather low in comparison to other pillow. But one has to take into account that a pillow of this design is not for everyone- because everyone sleeps differently. For the majority of individuals who bought this side sleeper pillow, they were very satisfied with their experience of sleeping on it. It provided them essential support, alleviated stiffness of the neck, and gave them the comfort necessary to get a solid nights rest.

If you are in the market for a new pillow, and want to try something fresh, new and highly affordable- we recommend you consider the Side Sleeper Pro Air. It could be just the pillow that you have been waiting for!

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