Get good sleep with a better sleep environment

How can you improve your sleep environment? By sleep environment we mean everything that surrounds you or that you use when sleeping.


If you are a light sensitive insomniac or if you work a night shift and must sleep in the daytime, consider black-out shades (like those found in better  hotels, these are extra heavy, opaque shades that let no light though and darken a room) and thick draperies or interior shutters at the windows. As a backup, keep a night mask–click here to buy the best night mask on Amazon–nearby. You might also want to dim or cover clocks or radio faces that glow in the dark.


While pale colors, specifically blues and greens are considered cool, passive and nonengaging, the color of your bedroom should be one that you like and don’t find irritating. The color should be restful enough to promote sleep.


You spend about a third of your life on one, so be sure you like it. Your size, health problems, and whether you share your bed with another person are key factors when choosing a mattress.

Size: Mattresses should ideally be at least six inches longer than you are tall. Width is a matter of personal preference, but consider that if two adults share a standard double bed, they are sleeping in the same width of space (27″) allocated to an infant in a crib.! A restless sleeper should consider queen-size as the smallest choice, with a king-size  bed a possibility. If one of you wakes easily when the other moves, think about a king frame and box spring  supporting two twin mattresses joined by a foam bed bridge (so you don’t slip between the cracks). An individual’s movements–which can wake a light sleeper–are felt less with this arrangement.

Foam bed bridges are a bit hard to come by, but are available on Amazon–check out the following two links:

Sleep Innovations Bed Bridge
Create A King Instant Bed Connector For All Size Twin Beds, With Unique Safety Strap To Keep Beds Safely Together

Texture, firmness, noisiness: Choose from standard coil mattresses and box springs, platform beds with foam mattress pads, or several kinds of water beds. Older people or the very thin–who have less natural padding and who may have to accommodate health conditions like osteoporosis or painful arthritis–may wish to add a quilted texture on the mattress top to help soften the mattress. Others, especially those with lower back problems, who especially need musculoskeletal support–will want the firmest mattress available. Willibald Nagler, M.D., chief of physiatry at New York Hospital–Cornell University Medical Center, believes that “99.9% of the population would sleep better on a firm mattress than a soft one. This holds true for back pain sufferers especially. A soft mattress allows the back muscles to become overextended, which prevents them from getting the rest they need. A firm mattress, on the other hand, allows the back muscles to keep the spine in a more restful alignment.”

To check for noisiness, lie down and turn over with your ear to the mattress. If you can “hear” every move you make, this mattress will keep you awake better than a noisy neighbor. Clearly trying out your mattress vigorously in a store before you buy it is a good idea. You can also read carefully the very extensive user reviews of mattress on Amazon many of whom have used the mattresses at home for a time before writing their reviews. The following are the top three firm mattresses in terms of customer reviews at the time of writing:

Tuft & Needle 5-Inch Mattress, Queen

Brentwood 9″ Gel Infused HD Memory Foam Special RV Replacement Mattress -100% Made in USA, King

Gel Memory Foam 10 inch Mattress by ExceptionalSheets – Made in the USA, Queen

Sheets and Blankets

Sheets should be comfortable, not too rough (180-thread is the coarsest you should choose, 200-thread feels better, and 250 or more thread is elegant). Silk or satin sheets may be good to look at buy feel too slippery or cold to allow comfortable sleep., while flannel sheets may be too hot. Check to see if your blankets are the right weight for the season, and don’t choose wool if you are allergic to natural wool fibers.

Here are some fine 600-thread sheets that are being sold at a very good price at Amazon:

Royal Hotel’s Solid Sage 600-Thread-Count 4pc King Bed Sheet Set 100-Percent Egyptian Cotton, Sateen Solid, Deep Pocket

Royal Hotel’s Solid Sage 600-Thread-Count 4pc Olympic Queen Bed Sheet Set 100-Percent Egyptian Cotton, Sateen Solid, Deep Pocket

Royal’s Solid Sage 600-Thread-Count 4pc King / California-King Waterbed-Sheets 100-Percent Egyptian Cotton, Sateen Solid Sheet Set

Royal Hotel’s Solid Sage 600-Thread-Count 4pc Full Bed Sheet Set 100-Percent Egyptian Cotton, Sateen Solid, Deep PocketRoyal Hotel’s Solid Sage 600 Thread Count 4pc Queen Bed Sheet Set 100% Egyptian Cotton, Sateen Solid, Deep Pocket















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