Best Side Sleeper Pillows for Neck Pain

neck painEven though, experts claim that pillows are not often the cause of these problems except neck pain, but they are major factor in worsening these symptoms if not synced with sleeping style and comfort level. In this article, we have listed few best pillows for neck pain depending on the sleep style.

Causes of Neck Pain during Sleep

If you keep your neck in one position for a long time, it may cause neck pain. Sleeping with the wrong pillow can cause neck pain as it fails to provide adequate support and lift to head, neck and spine which ultimately results in sore neck. Experts call the best neck position during sleep “neutral position” which means unchanged neck curve during sleep. If you are feeling neck pain when you wake up, that means your pillow is not providing your body with “neutral position” and needs to be switched with more appropriate one.

What are the Best Fit Pillows for Neck Pain?

Selecting a right pillow can certainly help prevent or manage neck pain. But unfortunately, there is no one answer for people suffering from neck or back pain. Depending on your sleep style, different types of pillows can work best for you. The goal is to find a perfect pillow that can keep your neck and shoulders in alignment by providing proper support and lift without compromising softness and comfort.

  • Tips for Side Sleepers: Experts claim that pillows that are firm and provide good lift are best option for side sleepers. Make sure that the pillow is not high enough as recommended thickness is between 4 to 6 inches for side sleepers. The selected pillow should effectively provide lift between the ear and the outside shoulder. Thicker pillows also prevent our necks to move unnaturally while we sleep.

Best Pillows for Neck Pain: What are the Popular Options?

Number of pillow types are rated positively for relieving or preventing neck and back pain while other types like Down and Feather are rated negatively by most users. We have shared some of the most commonly used pillows to relieve neck pain.

Cervical Pillow

Also known as orthopedic pillows, cervical pillows are recommended for those who are suffering with severe neck and back pain. These pillows are designed to keep the neck in alignment with the spine by providing extra support under the neck and deeper softness (depression) for the head. These pillows are specifically manufactured for people with neck or back pain as they are contoured to fill the spaces between the neck and head to keep healthy balance.

Latex Pillows

Latex pillows are also rated positively for their effectiveness for neck pain management and prevention. This type is mostly recommended for side sleepers. As latex pillows are more consistent in their support if compared to other pillow types, its ability to keep healthy balance for longer period of time is exceptional. As the pillows are springy, they quickly adjust to the movements of the head during the sleep keeping constant support for head and neck.

Best fit for: Back Sleepers and Side Sleepers

Not Fit for: Stomach Sleepers due to higher thickness

Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillow is another good option for back sleepers as 17% of users claimed that the use of memory foam pillows helped relieve neck pain. These pillows provide contoured variety to users that can effectively reduce pain but in some cases, it can also cause pain especially for stomach sleepers.

Best fit for: Side Sleepers

Not Fit for: Stomach Sleepers due to high loft

Knee Pillows

Health experts also recommend knee pillows for side and back sleepers to keep healthy spine balance of the body. Side sleepers can keep a pillow between their knees while back sleepers can keep under their knees. By keeping knee pillow during a sleep, our body maintains a neutral position for our spine resulting in pain relief.

Unfortunately, there is no science for selecting the best pillow for neck pain but more often, it is a trial and error process before finding the right fit.

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