Best Bed for Side Sleepers

Sleeping on the side is a natural sleeping position that is very good for the spine, because it keeps the spine in its resting position. How can you set up the best bed for side sleepers? The most important thing to consider is your pillow. Your pillow must give sufficient support to your head to keep your spine straight and avoid strain to the neck. This will give the optimum comfort and help avoid soreness of the neck. You can find out about pillows for side sleepers here.

Another factor in a good bed for side sleepers is the mattress: a good mattress for side sleepers will contour to the curves of your body and you need a soft or medium soft mattress that still offers good support. This will avoid putting a strain on your back.You don’t want a very firm mattress, because today’s soft mattresses offer as much support as firmer mattresses. They do this by having an outer layer of soft material but having a firm underlying support.


A very reputable American maker of mattresses is Brentwood. Brentwood make a mattress (see picture above) that has “a thick layer of instant recovery gel memory foam actively adjusts to the curves of your body to provide excellent pressure-point relief” that many back pain sufferers recommend. You can read what buyers of this mattress thought about it here.


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